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Milford on Sea Conservation Volunteers is a local group of people dedicated to conserving & improving our parish wildlife and environment.

What we do

Welcome to the MCV Website

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Who are we?

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Conserving our village wildlife and environment



Milford on Sea Conservation Volunteers undertake local projects to improve the local environment across the parish, and report on the activities of local wildlife.

Aims and Objectives

a) Protect and enhance biodiversity


b) Encourage a new generation of young conservationists


c) Record, monitor & publish our Wildlife Records


d) Support other Groups & Associations who’s Aims & Objectives are consistent with our own


e) Not to discriminate


   For full Constitution go to Publications tab

New Members

We always need more volunteers, so please click here to learn more about the MCV or to join us, (Membership form). The The Observatory Key-Fob application is included on the Membership form.


We aim to keep you informed with all the latest wildlife sightings & environmental news from Milford on Sea.  Please keep coming back regularly to see what wild things are happening across our parish and at the Nature Reserves.

MCV is a not-for-profit organisation

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