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Milford on Sea Biodiversity Plan 2015-2020

So do you have a hobby or interest that might help our wildlife? Would you be interested in being a ‘Champion’ or perhaps would join an existing group to help? If you thought committee work was more your area then there are 66 action plans to ‘get your teeth into’ – more members to take this work forward are always welcome – and after all, these 66 actions are not going to happen overnight, but they will be planned and prioritised over a number of years.


Conserving our village wildlife and environment

Friday March 13th 2015 – a lucky day for the BAP Steering Committee! It was also the AGM of the Conservation Volunteers and the final version of the BAP was launched. For Jenny Spenser, who had chaired the Group over 3 years, and for the Group who had written the BAP, it was an evening of relief, excitement and pleasure that at long last the Village had this exemplary document to help conserve and enhance the wildlife of the area. Download from this site (see Publications section). We hope the document and its Phase Two implementation will help guide and inspire Milford on Sea residents to appreciate and understand their local wildlife, to get involved in the actions of the plan and that overall the document will be the basis for all environmental decisions when future planning issues are discussed and decided. The Plan is expected to get the full support of the New Forest National Park Authority, the New Forest District Council and the Milford on Sea Parish Council.

The Steering Group is looking for ‘Wildlife Champions' to help guide and organise species or habitat led groups e.g. Jenny Spenser is leading on Dormouse surveying – though to date no Dormouse have been recorded in Milford on Sea - Jenny and  her small group check the boxes 2/3 times a year. As you can see it is not an onerous task! Mary McMillan leads on the Moth Group and Giles Darvill the Bumblebees and Wild Garden initiative. Tani Reed leads on Butterfly Transect recordings.

How to get involved with the Milford on Sea Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)


-  Contact Keith Metcalf, Chairman, 01590 645825 or 07771 918449;

-  email: